Village of Manchester Sesquicentennial

We have established a free shuttle bus service for Saturday, August 5, between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM, to provide transport between four parking lots in Manchester (parking) and a central dropoff point near the intersection of Duncan Street and M-52 for the downtown events of the Sesquicentennial and Run Manchester/Street Festival (events). The service will be provided by a Manchester Community Schools bus, with a goal of alleviating parking and traffic congestion. This service will also assist Martinrea employees coming in for their company party at Chi-Bro Park. Please see the two attachments for details and a map. The shuttle will operate as a continuous loop, but notice the 6:00 PM end time and suggestions contained in the attachment.

Manchester Sesquicentennial – Shuttle Bus        Shuttle Bus Route

View current news article updates on the Sesquicentennial at The Manchester Mirror website

Manchester Sesquicentennial

Manchester Sesquicentennial Agri - Tour

Learn the workings behind the produce and products that end up on your table. This tour includes: multiple generational farms, learn what makes a farm “certified organic”, a tour of the United Producers-Farm Supply/Livestock Auction, a lunch from local farms and tour at Heritage Farms where the owners have spent 40 years collecting and assembling historic buildings from the Manchester area. Walk through an 1800’s log cabin and visit the operating blacksmith shop, farm outbuildings, and traditional gardens. Tickets are $30 per person (adult) and $15 per person (child 12 and under)—includes transportation and lunch!

For ticket information and more download the flyer here.

The Manchester Area Historical Society, the Village of Manchester, and the Manchester Area Chamber of Commerce have partnered to plan a Sesquicentennial (150th Anniversary) Celebration, in honor of the incorporation of Manchester as a village on March 16, 1867. A wide variety of events are planned.

The official dates for the sesquicentennial are Tuesday, August 1, 2017 through Tuesday, August 8, 2017, centered on the annual Run Manchester/Manchester Street Festival to be held August 5, 2017. An initial “lead-in” activity, a historic Fashion High Tea, will be held on Saturday, July 29, 2017.

The goals and objectives of the Sesquicentennial Celebration are to:

  1. Recognize, preserve and promote Manchester’s unique history, appreciate how we arrived at where we are today, and develop a greater outreach to community members concerning our history, particularly younger generations.
  2. Create greater participation in local Manchester events, promote historical tourism, and attract a large number of out-of-area persons to come to Manchester and experience what we have, and to participate in the special interest activities, with corresponding economic benefits to our community.
  3. Cause former Manchester residents to return during this period to their former home, and reconnect with what we are doing and where they came from.

The Sesquicentennial events include an Opening Reception, Fashion High Tea, Industry Tech Walk, Farmers Market, Ice Cream Social, Gazebo Concert with the Dodworth/Saxhorn Band, Agriculture Day – Agri-Tour, Sesquicentennial Parade, Sesquicentennial Street Dance, Tractor Show, Fire Department Open House, Run Manchester and Street Festival, Classic Car Show, Antiques Roadshow/Silent Auction, MAHS Blacksmith Shop – smithing demonstrations, Sesquicentennial Heritage Arts Event, Studio and Garden Art Walk, Facial Hair Competition, Historic Home/Walking Tours, Historic Base Ball Games,   Main Street Dinner, Centennials Reunion, and a Closing Program.

See the complete Sesquicentennial Schedule of Events for details.

The complete Planning Document is also available.

A “Manchester Sesquicentennial Festival” Facebook Page for general information dispersal and social media communication has been developed.


Manchester Circa 1867

John W. Cowan

Matilda Wilson Kingsley

Re-enactors will be present at events to honor our 1867 “movers and doers”, such as John W. Cowan and Matilda Wilson Kingsley. We’ll also produce a variety of commemorative products, including:

  • “Manchester – The Early Days, Volume 1”, an approximately 250-page compilation of research articles completed on Manchester’s early history.
  • 2017 Drone’s-Eye View of Manchester, replicating the historic 1872 Birds-Eye View.
  • Reprint of 1867 First Edition of Manchester Enterprise
  • Reprint of 1870 DeVolson Wood Map of Manchester
  • Sesquicentennial Commemorative Book, summarizing the activities of the Sesquicentennial, with photographs and other remembrances of the events. It will include 1867 era photographs, and corresponding 1967 and 2017 photographs, of a “then and now” nature, along with text of Manchester in 1867 – people, places, activities, issues, etc. The second part will consist of text and photographs taken at Sesquicentennial events. The third part will be sponsorship pages for our sponsors to highlight their families, businesses, or organizations.
  • Sesquicentennial Banners
  • Sesquicentennial Commemorative Products
  • Time Capsule
  • 37-star flags

Please come and join us as we celebrate what came before us!

For further information, please contact Ray Berg at

Many of the Sesquicentennial Celebration events will involve participant fees or donations, but we will have various overhead costs involved with the planning and set-up. For these expenses, we are seeking financial sponsorships from individuals, organizations and corporations in the Manchester area. These sponsorships will provide printed and verbal recognition of the sponsors at the Sesquicentennial events, complimentary tickets to certain events, and printed recognition in the Sesquicentennial Commemorative Book to be published after the event.

Please consider a sponsorship donation at one of the above levels, and contribute to making this historic event a memorable success!

Manchester Sesquicentennial Sponsorship Application