Chicken Broil & Farmers Market!

Today is a beautiful day, why not spend part of it at the Manchester Farmers Market! Check out the things our vendors have to offer. Here’s a sample:
Sharon will have handmade quilts, table linens and sweet smelling soaps.
Debbie’s Bead Design: Simple, easy-to-wear jewelry. Handmade woven and strung delicate, colorful and sparkling bracelets, necklaces and earrings.
U.P. Pasties has a variety of pasties and homemade gravy. These things are tasty!
Of course, you will find fresh vegetables, fruits, baked goods, jams, jellies, and even homemade dog treats.

The music will be great. Ebb Tide will be performing at the market, so grab a chair or a piece of curb and take a listen. Hey why not bring your Chicken Broil dinner (that is happening today also) to the market and listen to the music and then shop.

How ever you plan your day include the Manchester Farmers Market. See you there!

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