Fresh Corn and More at the Farmers Market Today!

cornIsn’t it funny how, when you’re sitting around having that “good to the last drop” cup of coffee in the morning the thought of “what’s for dinner?” pops to mind. TODAY the question is answered!  It’s Thursday and that means Market Day. That fresh corn, tomatoes, potatoes, salad fixins,melons, peaches, apples, and so much more is waiting for you!

Guys woman don’t need diamonds and pearls.  Why not come to the market and grab some tasty baked goods from St. Mary’s booth.  Their pies, cookies and cakes are heavenly :).  And when you walk through that door with with some of St. Mary’s baked goods, well, you will be the apple of her eye.

Lets not forget all of the other gift ideas.  Your market has some of the finest crafters in town.  Jewelry that’s pretty, practical, and won’t suck the life out of your wallet!  There is also, pressed flower cards.  When is the last time you sent someone a hand written letter?  Now that’s something special.

I know you can’t wait to get to the market!

Adrian St. just off Main 4-7 pm every Thursday

Dawna (Stockwells) is providing FREE POPCORN!!!!!


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